About Us

About us

Our Objectives

  • Counselling, Care, Treatment, Home-based services and rehabilitation to individuals affected by Leprosy and other disabilities & diseases of poverty.
  • Promote, aid and assist the Community in preventive and promotive aspects of Health Care, Family Welfare, and Civic Consciousness.
  • Implement Comprehensive health care and schemes for family welfare and community development.
  • Raise funds locally and globally to sustain the program with community participation.
  • Provide services for all sections of the society regardless of caste, creed or religion.
  • Cooperate with the Government and other agencies for the attainment of Comprehensive Developmental goals and objectives.

Board of Directors 

Mr Tilak S Chauhan – President

Mrs Rani Chauhan – Secretary

Dr Sujai Suneetha – Executive Director

Dr Lavanya Suneetha – Treasurer

Mr James Kella – Member

Mr Babu Abraham – Member