We are a developmental movement initiated over two decades ago addressing challenges that marginalized communities face in areas of health and strives to empower them to live healthy and productive lives.  


Research focuses on three diseases linked with poverty – Leprosy, TB and HIV. Cost-effective diagnostic tests are being developed for use in resource-limited countries. Antibody-based tests for early detection of leprosy and TB have shown promise and need further testing.

Training and Community Development

We are convinced that the best way to multiply impact and produce healthy communities is through awareness and training. Seventeen modules of ‘simple health care’ are used in 124 slum communities in Hyderabad to promote health and reduce death and disease. Awareness in schools, Agaganwadi and Community centers will produce change in nutrition, sanitation  and instill a positive attitude to health

Leprosy care

Leprosy or Hansen’s disease carries with it socials stigma and discrimination. Early detection of new patients and timely treatment with multi drug therapy (MDT) ensures complete cure and prevention of disabilities  which are the main cause for stigma. Modern tools like ultra sonography  of nerves and time tested skin smears and biopsy enable us to manage about a 100 leprosy patients each year.